Snowdonia Walker

Guided Walks in the Park

Kit & Clothing for the Walk

I would like these days out to be accessible to anyone, especially those with limited mountain walking experience so I understand that you may not have specialised kit or clothing, as long as you have the items listed as essential that's fine.

Please read this list carefully and make sure you bring everything you need.

Essential Clothing/Equipment

  • Water proof jacket
  • Waterproof over trousers (Ensure you can put the over trousers on whilst wearing your boots)
  • Hat
  • Gloves (2 pairs)
  • Walking Boots
  • Spare mid layer (light fleece or insulated jacket)
  • Rucksack (25-35 litres in size depending on how much stuff you want to carry)
  • Food for the day. You will be burning off twice the amount of energy you normally do, so bring enough food. Foods like bananas, dried fruit, flapjacks & sandwiches are good.
  • Water. (1 litre minimum) On hot days you can drink up to 4 pints/2 litres of water. Platypus water sacs are a great way of carrying water.
  • On cold days a warm drink is nice to have.
  • Personal Medicines (Inform your guide on the day of any medication you are taking)
  • No Denim (Jeans)

Desirable Clothing/Equipment

  • Thick/Walking socks
  • Wicking base layer (This is worn next to the skin and should not be a cotton t-shirt)
  • Walking trousers or shorts (Do not wear jeans or jogging bottoms)
  • Sun Cream / Sun Glasses / Sun Hat
  • Map (of area)
  • Orange Poly Survival bag (available for a couple of pounds)
  • Rucksack liner (essential in wet weather, rucksacks are not waterproof!)
  • Walking Poles
  • Camera / Phone

You will enjoy your walk much more if you are wearing the correct clothing and boots, your experience and comfort will depend on how well prepared you are for the weather we may encounter.

It can be very cold high in the mountains even in the summer months and weather can change very quickly. You need to be aware that it is simply not possible to go indoors and the car could be 6 hours walk away. We always prepare for the worst in the mountains!

Your Walk Leader will be carrying a comprehensive first aid kit

Kit List (print Off)