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Mixed weather for us but very warm!

The weather is very changeable at the moment but still remains very warm and humid, so if you are venturing out please take plenty to drink (not beer or gin!).

Saturday I was out providing Mountain Leader cover for the Snowdonia Society on an organised footpath maintenance day with the National Trust Rangers and volunteers on Y Garn, they still gave me a spade!

It was a very interesting day and we managed to complete several very labour intensive tasks quite high up the mountain, slept well that night!

Training day with the Wardens on Sunday, we visited our local Mountain Rescue Team at their base in Nant Peris.

After a very interesting talk followed by lots of questions! it was time to look at the kit they have to take for their various callouts, none of it is light most of it is bloomin heavy!

Llanberis mountain Rescue team is the busiest in the UK, I suppose that was inevitable given that Snowdon is now beleived to be the busiest single peak in the world!!! They can easilly be out four or five times on a weekend day, thats a lot of commitment for a volunteer organisation, I can't thank or praise them enough.

Then of course there was a callout, a walker had broken or dislocated his ankle, he was believed to be around the intersection on the Pyg Track, we stayed and observed the team as they deployed to deal with the incident, the end result being the Coastguard heleicoter being requested to winch the injured party off the hill, facinating stuff.

Quiet week for me so catching up on jobs etc befor the weekend arrives.

Catch up soon.

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