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Bit of variety on the mountains

Working for Glyn Peris B&B this week, Tuesday taking Katherine & Olivia over to Mynydd Sygun, Cwm Bychan and the Aberglaslyn Pass while partner Christopher and Teo (7years old) were guided up Snowdon by Mountain Leader Ann. Katherine & Olivia had previously done the Snowdon climb and fancied something different.

All had a fantastic day out.

Thursday I was back on Snowdon with Charles & Wendy, we were taking the quieter Ranger Path up but the weather forecast was not the best with heavy cloud, wind and rain promised all day!

We did have the cloud and it was windy but the rains never came, and the cloud did lift on occasion for us to get some good views.

Once again Charles & Wendy were mountain novices and not sure whether they could do it, but with a steady uphill pace and of course lots of talking from me we summited in well under three hours and then into the cafe for hot drinks.

Another top effort, well done guys!

Didnt have a photo of Charles & Wendy so thought I would share these taken the other day with you, crazy things people do on this mountain!!!

Katherine & Olivia are below

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