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1st mountain for Kirsty, she did it the hard way!

Choosing her first mountain climb it just had to be the highest in Wales & England "Snowdon" Coming from Hertfordshire there was not much realistic training she could do so she just had to go for it choosing the hardest route up the mountain "The Watkin Path & South Ridge"

We had a weather window of about six hours to make the climb with a clearish summit promised about one o'clock and rain to follow at 4. We made great progress with lots of information being passed on about our fantastic mountain, as we were getting higher we met several groups of people who had turned around at the start of the scree due to the heavy cloud that was then down, all appeared to be novice walkers so they deffinately made the right descision.

We made the summit in three hours just as the cloud was clearing giving us great views for the return journey , but not before Kirsty had spent £30 in the summit shop!

This was another great challenging day out and all credit to Kirsty for digging in and pushing herself when it got tough, great effort Kirsty!

Kirsty heading for the South Ridge

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