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Easter is Early - Could be cold, brrrrrrrrr

Posted on 19 March, 2018 at 17:00 Comments comments (0)

Easter is really early this year and it looks like it could be chilly again, last Easter Saturday in was -9 at the summit of Snowdon, it was stll packed out tho. The summit complex is not likley going to be open either so:

If you are coming to climb Snowdon, be prepared: Dress sensibly especially footwear, have a hot drink, water and lots of food, make sure you take the route to suit you ability, check the weather (for the summit not the beach!).

Remember the Pen y Pass car park for the Pyg & Miners Path is generally full by 06.30 at the weekends and bank holidays.

Keep safe out there

Southerners take the windy challenge!

Posted on 18 March, 2018 at 7:25 Comments comments (1)

Having pre-planned and booked their hotel Steph and eleven year old son Taylor & Aero the dog were committed to their Snowdon mountain adventure yesterday, their drive from Oakhampton in Devon the previous day (and night) being the start of it!


The high winds were from an Easterly direction, the Ranger Path on the West side of the mountain seemed the logical choice but with speeds now predicted at 60mph+ and temperatures down to -23 it was always going to be a challenging day. Although they were mountain novices they took advice and were well kitted out for their adventure.

Now fully briefed on the days plan we set off in good spirits, while Taylor was definitely up for the challenge I sensed a degree of apprehension (fear) from Steph!!


As we battled our way up the mountain we were met by several people returning due to the conditions further ahead, none had reached the summit which, was now in full view surrounded by icy ridges and snow covered peaks.

I decided to turn around about 400 mtrs from the train track at Bwlch Glas we were now at 3000' and the conditions were very serious, heavy snow showers, drinking water had frozen in the bladder pipe and icicles were hanging from Aero's coat, although we were all warm and well due to our kit it was definitely time to call it a day!

On the descent we met several groups of people who had taken the wrong path in trying to avoid the worst of the weather and were now lost and heading for the wrong valleys. It was definitely not a day to be out on this mountain unless you knew what you were doing and I am sure there would have been lots of people having a miserable uncomfortable time up there, let's hope they all returned safely home.

On the plus side it was a great team effort by Steph, Taylor & Aero to so nearly reach the summit and I have no doubt that they will return very soon to complete their quest.


Photos taken on the descent during a break in the snow showers.


Snowy Snowdon

Posted on 11 March, 2018 at 13:20 Comments comments (0)

Just thought I would post a few photos of Snowdon last Thursday, they were taken by Jan Ver< many thanks, most of the snow however seems to have melted away judging by todays photos, boo!

Just back from up North

Posted on 10 March, 2018 at 8:15 Comments comments (0)

Picking the best day of a gloomy week I was treated to a great day on the Pentland Hills with local guide Julia who managed to find all the snow, ice and boggiest of low level paths to make for a great day out with stunning views all around, what a pity the promised tea and cakes at the end was just a fantasy (cafe was closed), many thanks Julia.


Back to business now and the cold weather may have an impact on any early April bookings that are taking to the high ridges of Snowdonia., anybody coming before the end of April should check ground conditions carefuly, the Snowdon Summit complex is planning to open on April 27th weather permitting.

Our first volunteer Snowdon Warden patrols start on March 25th just a week before the very early Easter holidays and, given the amount of snow on the hill at present it could be very interesting!


Book early, be safe out there.


Fun in the snow (for some!)

Posted on 6 March, 2018 at 7:40 Comments comments (0)

Well that was a big dump of snow making very interesting conditions on the hills, lots of people of course had difficulty getting about but if you were one of the lucky ones it was white, icy and good fun!

I was staying in Coniston in the Lake District and managed to get up around Wetherlam and the Old Man of Conniston, full winter gear was essentail to be able to move around safely.

Hope the weather is better in Scotland when I get there!

Happy walking

Nate & Jordan, make the long trip from Dorset

Posted on 24 February, 2018 at 13:55 Comments comments (0)

Following the tragic fatality last week Nate & Jordan thought it would be wise to have some help for their attempt on Snowdon today, for winter conditions where you have to use Ice axe and crampons etc the requirement is for a Winter Mountain Leader so my colleague Steve Jones from Aim Higher did the honours today.

From the great photos it looks like they had a fantastic day, and were safe! They are off to the Zip Wire tomorrow, good luck with that!!

I thought I would have a week off before heading off to the Lakes and Scotland but a last minute call to work for Raw Adventures  on Wednesday sees me out on the Eilio Round above Llanberis with 24 kidiwinks, another two guides as well, phew!

Birthday walk for Linda

Posted on 21 February, 2018 at 15:00 Comments comments (0)

To celebrate her birthday my sister Linda took to the mountains of the Carneddau for a day out, I had to point her in the right direction of course!

Although it was very cold it kept dry and we managed to dodge most of the snow and ice on the way up to Pen y Helgi Ddu and then over to Pen Llithrig y Wrach before dropping off the hill and back along the leat to the car, a great winters day walk, and she bought me tea and cake at Ogwen, Bonus!

On a sad note we did have a fatality on Snowodn last Saurday, a male walker appeared to slip off an icy & snowy train track and fell 800' to his death watched by many people on the Llanberis Path.

Snowdon is in full winter conditions as you get closer to the summit, full winter equipment is highly reccomended, most people seem to get away with going unprepared some unfortunalely dont. RIP.

Students on Cribiau

Posted on 17 February, 2018 at 17:15 Comments comments (0)

Mid week I had a phone call asking if I could provide two guides for a low level walk on Saturday for 24 students from London, the students were originally going for a Snowdon climb by themselves but fortunately were advised that would not be a good idea due to current ground conditions, most of them had not been on a mountain! Having heard today that somebody had slid and fallen off the mountain due to very icy paths the students made the right call.

To keep them under the snow and ice level myself and Rob Jones from Hafan Adventures took them over Crimpiau and down to Crafnant, it was a really good day and the students seemed in awe of our fantastic scenery with snow topped peaks and the lovely Crafnant Valley.

We saw wild horses, a rainbow appeared (after a quick rain shower) only 100 mtrs away in the valley, rally cars in the forest, birds of prey, sheep and ravens, flowing streams and a lovely lake, what more could you ask for. 

Siabod in the snow

Posted on 11 February, 2018 at 13:15 Comments comments (0)

I managed at last to get out for a quick ascent of Siabod with Andy, the weather was fine although very chilly! As I was a little short of time we decided to plough straight up from Plas y Brennin.

There was snow on the ground from the start getting deeper as we ascended, although we had full winter gear we continued to the summit just using poles, crampoms being required for the descent though, but even they couldnt help as I side slipped off a hidden edge to do a roly poly in the snow much to the amusement of Andy, it was still a great winters day out.

Bookings are coming in some of them quite early in the year and I am concerned that the weather will remain wintery for some time which may affect some of the higher or scrambling routes already booked, I shall monitor the situation closely!!

Wardens day out

Posted on 7 February, 2018 at 15:00 Comments comments (0)

Nice half day out on Crimpiau for Estelle, Tony and myself with great views overlooking the very snowy Snowdonia mountain ranges. The start of the season is only a few weeks away and it was nice to catch up after the break.

No Snow on Snowdon!

Posted on 31 January, 2018 at 10:50 Comments comments (0)

First walk of the year on Snowdon yesterday, all the snow (apart from the ice chute at the top of the zig-zags) has gone, a few icy bits and lots of frost otherwise clear.

Taking a slightly longer route from Llanberis up Telegraph Valley to Bwlch Maesgwm and picking up the Ranger Path to the summit and then the Llanberis Path back to the start 11.5 miles amd 3800' of ascent, good work out for my dodgy ankle which I am glad to say survived.

Bookings are coming in now for the season, if you have specdific dates that you would like to walk with me now would be a good time to reseve them.

Snowdon summit 1930 and the newly built cafe 

Firefighters on Yr Aran

Posted on 22 January, 2018 at 14:35 Comments comments (0)

The boys from the Firestation at Rhyl asked for a short day out on the hills as they were going on nights so a hasty romp on Yr Aran was arranged.

Starting on the Watkin Path we made our way up to Bwlch Cwm Llan before heading over open ground up the North Ridge to reach the summit, from here we did some exploring making our way over interesting (steep, rough ,boggy) ground to reach Cwm Bleddiaid and the permissive path back to the Watkin arriving at the car by 14.00hrs, a great day out to blow the cobwebs away.

The photo is Blwch Cwm Llan from the flank of Yr Aran

Snow is back again

Posted on 17 January, 2018 at 15:50 Comments comments (0)

The white stuff has made a comeback, along with storm force winds and rain, Great!

Sad news that yet another young man has lost his life on Tryfan presumably coming down the west side of the mountain, we had four fatalities to my knowledge last year and all those were with people coming down after ascending the North Ridge, its much safer to come back down the South Ridge especialy in bad weather. 

I am off having fun this weekend, dodging the weather of course:)

Great day out on Nantlle Ridge

Posted on 12 January, 2018 at 4:10 Comments comments (0)

What a good idea to go out onto the hills yesterday, weather was good with clear skies giving stunning views on occasion!

Walking out of Rhyd Ddu and up the very, very steep slopes of Y Garn does not get any easier, it does wake you up though! we reached the summit in cloud, just as we poured the coffee the clouds dissapeared to give amazing all round views, for the first time Linda got a good view of the impressive menacing ridge that lay before us, I wonder what she was thinking ??

With occasional ice patches and very wet and slippy rocks we took our time going over the ridge and well done to Linda who is quite a novice to scrambling and this clasic grade one route is not for everyone!

Once we had walked the ridge it was off down the spur towards the forest and back to the car, another great day out with the Snowdonia Walker:) 


Nantlle Ridge Group walk Thursday 11th Jan

Posted on 10 January, 2018 at 9:10 Comments comments (0)

Hi Everyone,

I am running a group walk on the Nantlle Ridge on Thursday 11th Jan £40pp, ring or txt if you would like to come along on this classic scramble and walk. 07720-433680.

Group walk for Snowdon just added on Sunday May 27th, £40pp, route is Miners path to ascend and Llanberis to descend. Starting at Llanberis and getting the 09.00 bus up to Pen y Pass.

Ankle on the mend?

Posted on 4 January, 2018 at 11:55 Comments comments (0)

Well, its been six weeks since the mysterious ankle problem appeared and although not fully recovered its much better, further xrays and an MRI scan this Sunday should hopefuly help to solve and treat any issues remaining.

The weather here is so changeable, the snow comes and goes off the hills, you just do not know what kit you may need but still have to carry everything and not use it!

Plenty of people still getting into trouble and needing to be rescued, lack of maps, no torches, taking wrong routes, getting stuck in the snow or icy conditions, I am not critisisng but,, most of the rescues could have been avaoided with more care or planning.

Not much happening for me on the hill at the moment although bookings are coming in (thank you very much) so I have put on a couple of photos from times past.

Happy New Year to All

Posted on 31 December, 2017 at 16:35 Comments comments (0)

Well 2017 was a great year for the Snowdonia Walker, lots of great days out on the hills and meeting up with friends old and new and sadly saying goodbye to some dear friends as well.

Who knows what 2018 will bring, lets hope its a great one for us all, Happy New Year, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

Julie, my dearest friend & companion who sadly left us last Christmas.